About Us

We are Dennis & Mathilda with our Saarloos Wolfdogs Mosi-Sam, Malice & Mara.
This is our story of how we fell in love with the Saarloos Wolfdog breed.

Before we got Mosi-Sam & Malice

Before we met each other we both had dogs in our lives. Mathilda had a Bull Terrier and Dennis had a Bull-mastiff; a shepherd-Mix and a Whippet.  That’s why, after we’ve met, we knew we would get a dog in our lives. The only question what… what breed?

At the end of 2016 we started our search for a breed that would fit our lifestyle. Pretty soon we found the Saarloos Wolfdogs to be a match to everything we wanted in a dog. But both of us were unknown with the breed, so we started to do more research on it. Saarloos owners on Facebook and websites with information about the Saarloos were our main source of information, and eventually we found out that a Saarloos Club would attend at the Animal Event of 2017. This is where we first saw one in real life and immediately fell in love with the breed. Especially the Wolf gray male dogs.

Because we were engaged and our wedding would be in September  2017 we decided to wait till after the wedding to enlist for a puppy.

This didn’t quite turn out the way we planned…  

Welcome Shy (Malice)

Mathilda was following some breeders on Facebook for a while. One of them was “Saarlooswolfhond kennel Lobo de la Luna Llena”. In May 2017 seven pups were born, they already found their home for when they were old enough to leave the nest. But on the 5th of July 2017 a Facebook message appeared. Something changed for one of the pups and Shy, a brown female,  was now looking  for a home.  After we saw the pictures of the cute puppy we decided to contact the breeders to ask if we could meet Shy. From this moment on everything went very fast.

On the 6th of July we drove to the breeder to take a look at Shy and, as these kind of things always go, we fell in love with her. But the breeder had more people that were interested in Shy. We were asked to give it a good thought if we really wanted Shy and contact the breeder again a day later. She would also think about if we would be the best owners for Shy.

So the next day we had contact with her and she told Shy was a match! After our workday we got in the car, drove to the pet shop for all the supplies and continued our ride to the breeder to pick up Shy.

And so on 7/7/’17 we were the owners of a brown female Saarloos Wolfdogs before we were married.
Not quite as planned, but a few months later Shy, who was renamed to Malice, joined us on our wedding day.


A Phone call…

Almost a year later on the 9th of may we received a phone call from the breeder where we got Malice from. Due circumstances the owner of Mosi-Sam, brother of Malice, was looking for a new home for Mosi-Sam. Because we’ve told the breeder we would like a male Saarloos wolfdog in the future, she contacted us to ask if we were interested in giving Mosi-Sam his new home. Of course we needed to think about this because it would be a big change in our lives if we got a 2nd dog.

The next days we came up with some things that are important for us and where Mosi-Sam should also fit into in order to fit in our lives.  For starters he and Malice should get along without any issues, and with us. He would also need to get along with dogs that our friends own because we walk together very often . And finally he needs to be able to stay with Dennis his parents because they watch the dogs once a week. 

If these three things work out, we would love to give Mosi-Sam his new home with us. So we contacted the breeder to set up a meeting with Mosi-Sam so we could give it a try with Mosi-Sam in our house for a week.  

Welcome Mosi-Sam

On May the 11th 2018 Mosi-Sam was brought to our house. The breeder was also with us to see how he behaves, as she has more experience with the dogs and will see things we might not see.

Malice and Mosi-Sam have seen each other a couple of time on meetings with all the other brothers and sisters, so there weren’t any problem when they met again this day. All Malice wants to do is play with her brother.

Two days later on Mother’s day Dennis took Mosi-Sam to his parents to see how he reacts to them. This was also an opportunity for us to see how he behaves in a car. This didn’t seem to be a problem for Mosi-Sam.

Once we arrived at Dennis his parents  Mosi-Sam immediately starts to investigate the house. It takes him about 10 seconds before he discovers all the snacks meant for the guests on the table. Malice knows she isn’t allowed to take anything of the table, but Mosi-Sam doesn’t seem to have learned this at his previous home. So this is something we will need to work on. During the day we learned more and more that Mosi-Sam hasn’t been as trained as we expected. Not a problem of course, as every dog owner has their own way of raising their dog. Luckily Dennis has a few weeks off work so he could train with Mosi-Sam.

On the 14th of May we planned a walk with our friends who owns 3 dogs. Malice grew up with these 3 dogs as we walk together regularly.  Because the four of them have formed a pack, it was clear that the two male Labradors our friends own, and Mosi-Sam needed to decide where they stand in the pack. We let this happened, with our supervision of course. It only takes a minute for all dogs to settle and we start our walk. Here we decided that Mosi-Sam would fit in perfectly in this pack if we give it some time.

On the 16th of May the breeder comes visit again to see how Mosi-Sam is doing. In our eyes Mosi-Sam fits in our lives and therefore we decide with the breeder that Mosi-Sam will not be going back to his owner because it would be best for him to stay with us from now on. This way he won’t switch places all the time, and he will be in a stable environment from this moment on. We informed his owner  about this and after his agreement it was final. Mosi-Sam would stay in our home from now on.

In the weeks that followed we were waiting to receive the documentation for the ownership. Mosi-Sam is doing great, he loves to crawl up against us on the couch and often asks for attention.

In June we receive the paperwork  which officially makes us the owners of Mosi-Sam Lobo de la Luna Llena.


A new arrival

On the 1st of July 2019 Luna, the mother of Mosi-Sam and Malice gave birth to 8 beautiful and healthy pups. A few weeks later we were invited to see and cuddly with the newly born pups. Of course we already saw lots of pictures of them and we were excited to meet them, especially Seguna, a brown female.

The moment we walked in the garden we were welcomed, as usual, by Luna and Girah. Luna seems to be excited to show us her new litter as she guided us to the part of the garden where the puppies were playing and sleeping. When we came closer Segunda ran up to the fence and welcomed us. Pretty “dangerous” for us as we it is not planned to get a puppy for the next few years. During the day we cuddled with the pups and discussed their behavior and just enjoyed them so much.

In the days that followed we made jokes about how it would be to have Segunda in our pack. The jokes soon became serious as we started to realize this would be the last time Luna would have pups, and as we are so utterly in love with Luna it would be a hard choice not to get a puppy from her. Therefore we contacted the breeder to discuss if it would be wise to add a new member to our pack with Mosi-Sam and Malice only being 2 years old.

We figured it might be good for Malice to have a play partner since Mosi-Sam mostly wants to relax but gets disturbed all the time by the playful challenges of Malice. This way Malice gets challenged a bit more and Mosi-Sam has more time to just be Mosi-Sam and relax.

It took some time for us to really decide if we would really go for a pup because as always it’s a big decision to make. Will it be good for our current dogs, for us, and for the way we currently live our lives as a pack.

Sometime later we visited the pups again, this time to really take a look at the characteristics of the pups and see if there is a match as an addition to our pack. We still had some  preference towards the brown pup Segunda, but Sezja was another competitor as addition to the pack as a gray little wolf. She is a playful pup but also has a tender and relaxed attitude. For now it would be a choice between Sezja and Segunda. So we went home to think about which of the pups would be a good addition. Next week we would come back with Mosi-Sam and Malice to meet the pups.

The moment we arrived with Mosi-Sam and Malice the two were pretty uncomfortable and with all the new smells and puppy’s running all over the place Mosi-Sam tried to “flee” indoors. A few moments later he came outside and laid down with us. Once the pups were tired and went to sleep Malice begin to investigate the pups and wake some of them up to play. As we watched it happen it seemed she had a real connection with Segunda, but this was sort of a “problem” as Segunda had changed her characteristics over the last few weeks to a Malice lookalike meaning that she would not quite fit in our pack anymore. Two of the same type of dogs might give problems later on especially two female wolfdogs. So we decided not to go for Segunda, leaving Sezja as a potential addition to the pack. She also gown out a bit more fiercer as we thought before but still had a different character as Mosi-Sam and Malice. Meanwhile Mosi-Sam still wasn’t very comfortable with the pups, growling at every pup that came close and eventually walking away from them. Except for one pup… Sabia. She didn’t really caught our attention so far as she is a very laid back relaxed pup. During the day Sabia and Sezja seemed to be connecting with Mosi-Sam and Malice pretty well. The interaction of Sezja was good but she didn’t surrender as easily as before when corrected by one of the older dogs. Sabia didn’t seem to need much corrections as she behaved quite well towards the older ones. She was also still the only one Mosi-Sam tolerated near him. Therefore it was that day, the 11th of August, we decided that Sabia would be the best addition for our pack. Now we just needed to wait till she was old enough to take her home with us.

Another visit and 2 more weeks of waiting later we finally took Sabia, who we renamed Mara, home and became the proud owners of a pack of 3 beautiful Saarloos Wolfdogs.



That’s the story about how we became the owners of three amazing Saarloos wolfdogs.
That’s the story about us.